December 21, 2011

Is Your Biggest Obstacle Convincing Your Spouse That A Family Business Would Be A Good Idea?


It never fails that a morning person marries a night owl.  A saver marries a spender.  Opposites must attract because we see this phenomenon everywhere.  But, by using the strengths of your differences, you can be an unstoppable team.  The person who sees options, and ideas, and concepts easily can envision how their team could be extremely successful.  Now, the big job is convincing the non-dreamer, the person who only sees facts that are apparent, visual, and in the now.

One thing you have in your favor while you are convincing your spouse is the fact that you know their strengths and weaknesses.  Do your homework and find answers to the likely questions that your spouse would have.  One of the most convincing things anyone can do is to show they care by carefully listening.

Do you have a history of failed plans?  Then presenting what could appear as the next scheme or dream will require extra effort on your part.  Compromise is not only needed with your spouse but in life.  Your suppliers, your customers, your employees some day all will gain from your background of negotiations, so start at home.  Convincing your spouse that you business idea is worthy is necessary when problems arise, and they will, and your spouses’ support can mean the difference in success or failure.


Why do you think your idea will work?

What obstacles do you see?

How will you solve potential problems?

Where will your start up money come from?  What is your plan to pay it back?  What if that doesn’t work, what is your plan B?

Will you be stopping your current employment to do this business, or do you have a gradual plan to work the new business along with your steady reliable job?

To be convincing, take the time to assemble your information, consider all the potential problems, and present your ideas by picking your best time.  Is your spouse sleep deprived, hungry, or upset about another issue?  Obviously those times are not the best to discuss something that could affect your lifestyles, your finances, and certainly your time commitments.

Think it through, go with a plan, and overcoming this obstacles puts you on the right track to be an extreme success.  Also, realize that if you can’t convince you spouse, consider the fact that they probably know you better than anyone, just maybe you need to listen to them, and go back to the drawing board for a different idea that would be better received.


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